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VAX V027 Upper Handle 1-2-125676-00

From £4.29 - Free over £75

VAX V027 Upper Handle assembly with cable and switches.

This is a genuine upper handle assembly unit for the Vax V027 carpet cleaner.

It comes complete with power cable and control cables.

This Guide is from VAX about the switch operation.

Power   Brush Soap Result
ON ON ON Vacuum, Pump, Brushbar and soap are turned on. Used to wash carpets.
ON ON OFF Vacuum, Pump, Brushbar turned on, Used to rinse carpets.
ON OFF ON Vacuum, Pump turned on. Used for cleaning with attachments.
ON OFF OFF Vacuum and Pump turned on. Used for rinsing through attachments or dirty water pick-up with Brushbar off.
OFF ON/OFF   ON/OFF   No power to vacuum, pump, Brushbar and soap. The power switch must be on for any motor to function.


Fits The Following Machines

  • Pet Rapide XL V-027P
  • Rapide Match XL V-027CC
  • Rapide XL V-027
  • Rapide XL CCW-701
  • Rapide XL High Traffic V-027HT
  • Rapide XL Pre-treatment V-027M
  • Rapide XL Pro V-027PT
  • Rapide XL Pro V-027U
  • Rapide XL Ultimate V-027Y
  • Rapide XL Ultra V-027X
  • Rapide XL Ultra CCW-703