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BC | B22 Bottle Lamp Kit with In Line switch and Rubber Bung Kit21

£13.99 - £17.99
From £3.99 - Free over £50
Bottle Lamp Kit with In Line switch and Rubber Bung Kit21

This Bottle kit is perfect for turning any bottle into a stunning table lamp.
Simply choose the lampholder colour, cable colour and bung size to create your very own bottle lamp kit.

This kit will require you to drill a 10mm hole in the bottle to allow the pre made cable cord set to be pushed through and out the top of the bottle.

The lampholder, bung and bung cover are all made in the UK and are made from solid brass.

All components have CE certification and conformity certificates.

Kit contains the following items:
1 x Lampholder
1 x Cable Cord Set
1 x Bung
1 x Cable Grommet
1 x Cable Cord grip
1 x Bung Cover

See technical information below on how to measure the bottle to pick the correct bung size.

Please note: This kit does NOT include any glass bottle or lamps.
The supplied Bung cover will not fit the 25-29mm Bung option.

Lampholder: BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap
Max Wattage: 60w (Lamp Not Included)
Cable Length Total: 2.5Meters
Cable Length from un wired end to switch: 800mm
Cable Outer Diameter: 7mm approx.
Cable CSA: 0.75mm
Switch: Single Pole
Shade Facility: Yes (Shade not included)