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Bottle Lamp Kit with In Line switch and Rubber Bung [KIT21]

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Bottle Lamp Kit with In Line switch and Rubber Bung  [KIT21]

Product Description

Bottle Lamp Kit with In Line switch and Rubber Bung

Looking to turn a bottle into a table lamp. The Bottle Lamp Kit with In Line switch and Rubber Bung will turn that bottle into a great looking lamp. With this Bottle Lamp Kit we have added all that you need for the flex to come through the bottle. Its important however to ensure that the hole in the top is between 16 & 24mm and then select the correct size bung. There are other bungs that can be used if not.

This kit 21 is intended to have the flex run into the bottle and a 10mm hole is required to be drilled. We then supply a plastic grommet for this hole. So once the hole is drilled and the grommet inserted. Feed the flex into the bottle and up out the neck. Add the strain relief onto the flex so it is set just behind the entry hole and taking the strain off the lampholder connections.

Then hand tighten the bung so it is a tight fit when pushed into the neck with the flex now coming out the top. With a spanner tighten the bung so it grips the bottle. Add the lampholder and you are all done.

Gin bottle not included.

Mains lead length is 2.5m in total and the switch is a minimum of 800mm from the un-wired end.

Lampholder takes a standard BC light bulb with a max of 60w but this will be determined by the shade that is used so may well be lower. Try always to use LED lamps.

Please choose between the sizes of fixing bungs

17-19mm, 19-22mm, 22-24mm

Also choose the flex colour- this will be 3 core with inline switch

Black, White, Gold

And finally choose the lampholder colour

Chrome, Brass, Antique Brass

Please note, whatever colour lampholder you choose we will add the matching colour nut cover (the part under the lampholder). If you are ordering 10+ we will bag the parts together rather than in individual kits.

3 Core 0.75 switched mains lead 2.5m long