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Genuine Hotpoint Belt 1860H7PHE

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Genuine Hotpoint Belt 1860H7PHE

Is your trusty tumble dryer not spinning as it should? Don't let a worn-out drive belt disrupt your laundry routine any longer. Replace it with this Tumble Dryer Drive Belt and restore your appliance's efficiency and reliability.

The belt in your tumble dryer fits between the motor and the drum pulley, this is the part that allows the drum to turn. If you have noticed the drum is longer going round then it may be the belt at fault.

Crafted from top-grade materials, this replacement drive belt is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use. It's designed to last, ensuring your dryer runs smoothly for years to come. A properly functioning drive belt means faster drying times, reduced energy consumption, and less wear and tear on your dryer's motor. Save on utility bills and extend the life of your appliance.

Say goodbye to annoying squeaks and rattles. This drive belt ensures a quiet and efficient drying process, so you can enjoy peace and quiet while your laundry gets the treatment it deserves. 

Upgrade your tumble dryer today with our Replacement Tumble Dryer Drive Belt and experience the convenience of a smoothly operating appliance. Don't let a worn-out belt dampen your laundry day spirits; order yours now and rediscover hassle-free drying.

  • Length 1860 mm
  • Section H
  • Ribs: 7
  • Elasticity: PHE
  • Type: Poly-Vee