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GU10 Ceramic Lampholder push wire connections 5120250

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GU10 Ceramic Lampholder push wire connections 5120250

This GU10 lampholder is perfect for using downlight light bulbs in table lamps.
As the lampholder is smaller in size to a standard Edison screw or Bayonet cap it can be used where room is tight.
The lampholder has 2 standard fixing holes to allow a base to be fixed to it giving you a 10mm thread to screw onto 10mm lighting thread.
See additional images for examples.

The connection is push fit so you will need to ensure the cable you are using is NOT multi stranded, to get around this you can either solder tip the ends or use ferrules search for: 73297

Please Note: Back cover/mounting bracket and cable not included. 

For the plastic backing cover search for: 5120251
For the metal mounting bracket search for: 5120249

Lampholder Height: 19.6mm 
Lampholder Diameter: 27.7mm
Distance between fixing holes center: 18mm