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Karcher Pressure Washer Servo Controller Easy Lock 1100L/H

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Karcher Pressure Washer Servo Controller Easy Lock 1100L/H 

When it comes to harnessing the full potential of your professional pressure washer, the Karcher Servo Controller with Easy Lock 1100L/H stands out as the ultimate tool for achieving unparalleled precision and control. Elevate your cleaning capabilities to new heights with this state-of-the-art controller, designed to deliver exceptional performance and convenience.

Genuine Karcher servo control controller with easy lock - control the output pressure on the trigger gun. Servo control for water flow and pressure control (> 1100 l/h) on the trigger gun.

Key Features:

  • Unrivalled Precision: The Karcher Servo Controller empowers you with precise control over water flow, pressure, and cleaning detergent dosage, allowing you to tailor your cleaning to the exact requirements of each task.
  • Easy Lock Technology: Featuring Karcher's innovative Easy Lock system, this controller simplifies setup and attachment, saving you time and effort. Switching between accessories and hoses is a breeze, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.
  • High Flow Capacity: With an impressive flow rate of 1100L/H (litres per hour), this controller ensures a steady and consistent water supply, even for demanding cleaning applications.
  • Intelligent Detergent Dispensing: Achieve optimal cleaning results with the intelligent detergent dosing system. The Servo Controller precisely mixes detergents with water, enhancing cleaning effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Professional-Grade Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, the Karcher Servo Controller is a robust and dependable companion for your pressure washer, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Experience a new level of cleaning excellence with the Karcher Professional Pressure Washer Servo Controller with Easy Lock 1100L/H. Whether you're tackling industrial sites, automotive detailing, or facility maintenance, this controller gives you the precision and ease of use needed to excel in your tasks. Elevate your cleaning capabilities today with Karcher, the industry leader in professional cleaning equipment. Order your Servo Controller now and witness the power of precision cleaning at your fingertips.

Please Note: Trigger gun for reference only, and is not included.

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