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Karcher SC1 | SC2 Steam Cleaner Microfibre Cloth Set

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Karcher SC1 | SC2 Steam Cleaner Microfibre Cloth Set 

Tired of battling bathroom grime and hard-to-reach corners? The Karcher SC1 | SC2 Steam Cleaner Microfibre Cloth Set is here to revolutionise your bathroom cleaning routine. Designed to complement your Karcher SC1 or SC2 steam cleaner, this set of microfibre cloths is your secret weapon for achieving a spotless, hygienic bathroom effortlessly.

These cloths are woven from high-quality microfibre material that's specially crafted to trap and lift dirt, grime, and bacteria from various surfaces. They are gentle on delicate bathroom fixtures while being tough on dirt, ensuring your bathroom gleams with cleanliness. Thanks to the exceptional absorbent properties of microfibre, these cloths effortlessly soak up moisture, leaving surfaces streak-free and dry. Say goodbye to unsightly water spots and streaks on your bathroom mirrors, glass, and tiles.

Set Contains:

  • 2 x Special Soft Microfiber Velour Floor Cloths - These velour floor cloths are designed for maximum gentleness on your bathroom floor while still providing exceptional cleaning power. They effortlessly lift dirt, dust, and stains from your floors, leaving them gleaming and germ-free.
  • 1 x Microfiber Abrasive Cloth - When you encounter stubborn grime or mineral deposits in your bathroom, reach for the microfiber abrasive cloth. Its abrasive texture works wonders on tough stains, yet it remains gentle enough to use on sensitive surfaces like glass and tiles.
  • 1 x Microfibre Polishing Cloth - Achieve a streak-free shine on mirrors, glass, faucets, and other polished surfaces with the microfibre polishing cloth. It buffs away moisture and leaves your bathroom fixtures sparkling and crystal clear.

Designed to perfectly fit the steam nozzle of your Karcher SC1 or SC2, these cloths offer a snug and secure attachment. This means that every burst of steam is effectively channelled through the cloth, enhancing its cleaning power.

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