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Lampholder Kit 11 For 28-30mm Hole Fixing [KIT11 PLU55837]

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Lampholder Kit 11 For 28-30mm Hole Fixing KIT11

Product Description

We have made Lamp Kit 11 so it will fit into a 28-30mm hole and be held in place with a shade ring. This is ideal if you make a Pottery lamp that allows for this type of light to be fitted in the base. Also Lamp Kit 11 is great when the lampholder needs to be fitted in the top or rear. As long as the hole is 28-30mm and there is enought room for the lamp, this is an easy kit to use. You will need to be able to wire the lampholder onto the flex.
Comes with:-
Black ses half threaded lampholder.
Pre made Black flex with moulded plug and in line switch
Cord grip for the rear of the lampholder
Shade ring
15w Pygmy lamp

Please note – the mains lead will be supplied with either a moulded plug or a rewirable type, both meet all BS1363 standards.


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