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Polti SV400 Series Steam Lance

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Polti SV400 Series Steam Lance

Introducing the Polti SV400 Series Steam Lance – a cutting-edge cleaning solution that will transform the way you maintain your living spaces. Designed with precision and innovation, this steam lance is a versatile and powerful tool that harnesses the incredible cleaning power of steam, making your cleaning tasks effortless and efficient.

Unparalleled Cleaning Power
The SV400 Series Steam Lance generates a continuous flow of high-temperature steam, ensuring that even the most stubborn dirt and grime stand no chance. From floors to countertops, tiles to upholstery, it effortlessly tackles a wide range of surfaces. The slim and versatile design of the steam lance allows for precise and targeted cleaning. Get into tight spaces, crevices, and corners with ease, ensuring no spot is left unclean. By utilising the power of steam, this device provides an environmentally responsible cleaning alternative. You can eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, promoting a cleaner and greener living environment.

Durable Build
Crafted with longevity in mind, the SV400 Series Steam Lance is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring that it will remain a reliable cleaning companion for years to come.

Compatible with the SV400 series steam mop, the Polti SV400 Series Steam Lance is the ultimate choice for homeowners who demand efficiency, convenience, and eco-friendliness in their cleaning routine. Upgrade your home cleaning experience and achieve remarkable results with this exceptional steam lance.

Make the future of home cleaning a part of your present. Embrace the transformative power of steam cleaning with the Polti SV400 Series Steam Lance. Order yours now and elevate your cleaning routine to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. Say goodbye to tough stains and hello to a pristine, hygienic home!

  • Length: 140mm
  • Compatible with the Polti SV400 Series Steam Mop