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Russell Hobbs Anti-Limescale Kettle Filter

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Russell Hobbs Anti-Limescale Kettle Filter

Genuine Russell Hobbs anti-scale kettle filter to fit the following models of kettle:
  • 20xxx
  • 237xx
Please Note: This filter WILL fit the above models if you have an "M" on the rating label of your machine. See below.

Search for the following SKU: 8746571 if you are looking for a filter that will fit the above models that do NOT have an "M" on the rating label of your machine.

Kettle Label
High levels of calcium and magnesium that exist in your water can leave hard water deposits that are known as limescale inside your kettle. A build up of limescale will affect the taste of your tea/coffee, and you may notice that the water inside the kettle has a cloudy appearance or that white flakes are present in your drink. If this is the case than you will be in need of a replacement anti-scale filter which has been designed to help prevent limescale particles from going into your drink.

It is recommended to change the filter every 6 months to reduce limescale build up. Replacing your filter will ensure your kettle continues to work smoothly.