SES Lampholder Half Threaded in Black With Earthed Cap [000603 PLU10265]

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SES Half Threaded Lampholder with earth Black. This SES Half Threaded Lampholder has 1 fixed shade ring so all you will need is one seperate shade ring to hold the shade in place. The base or cap on this Lampholder has a locking screw to ensure it does not un screw when a lamp is removed.

This lampholder has a earth terminal as well as the locking screw in the cap so can be used with a 3 core flex if fitted to a metal lamp base.

Lampholder diameter is 26.5mm and the height is 53mm

For use with the ses lamps or E14 bulbs
Please note: Image 3 is the measurements of the half threaded body only, not the cap.

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