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Shark Vacuum Cleaner Filter Kit and Brush Roller for NZ801UK NZ801UKT NV800 NV801 UV810 Series

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Shark Vacuum Cleaner Filter Kit and Brush Roller

Introducing the Shark Vacuum Cleaner Filter Kit and Brush Roller – the perfect combination to enhance the performance and longevity of your Shark vacuum. Engineered to meet the high standards of Shark, a trusted name in home cleaning solutions, this kit is designed to keep your vacuum running at peak efficiency, ensuring a thorough and consistent clean every time.

  • 2 x Filters
  • 4 x Foam Filters
  • 4 x Felt Filters
  • 1 x Soft Brushroll
The Shark Vacuum Cleaner Filter Kit includes premium-quality filters that capture dust, allergens, and microscopic particles, providing a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family. Breathe easy knowing that the air in your home is being filtered with precision. The kit also features a durable soft brush roller designed to tackle floor surfaces with ease. This high-performance brush roller efficiently agitates and lifts dirt, pet hair, and debris, leaving your floors impeccably clean.

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your vacuum, and this kit is an essential part of that routine. By regularly replacing filters and brush rollers, you not only maintain peak performance but also contribute to the longevity of your Shark vacuum. It is recommended that you replace the filters every six months according to the frequency of use to keep the machine running at peak performance.

Upgrade your Shark vacuum with the Filter Kit and Brush Roller for a cleaner, healthier home. Trust in the quality and reliability of Shark to keep your floors spotless and your vacuum running smoothly. Elevate your cleaning experience with genuine Shark replacement parts.

Compatible with the following models of Shark vacuum cleaner: 
  • NZ801UK 
  • NZ801UKT
  • NV800
  • NV801
  • UV810