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Polti spares

Polti Italian steam and vacuum cleaners have proven to be very popular in the Uk and Europe market and with readily available accessories for your Polti machine we can help you restore and keep your Polti steam cleaner going.
We stock everything from the basic every day items like the Kalstop, Degreasers, Stain removers and sanitizers to the more specific items for your Polti machine like replacement hoses tubes for the Vaporetto 2400, Polti filters for the Lecoaspira and replacement accessories like brushes and tools.
On our website we have listed the most popular machines with all the Polti Spares and Accessories available. We also have access to drawings and parts lists so if there is anything you cannot find on spares2you for your Polti steam cleaner then give us a call and we can find these for you.
Polti safety caps are easy to replace and can make such a different to the machine cleaning quality and with replacement washers and small items as well as Polti cloths socks and larger items like Polti hoses and Polti floor brushes you can get the most out of your steam cleaning machine.

We cover a wide range of the Polti Vaporetto Spares and Accessories and the Polti Lecoaspira Spares and Accessories.