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Karcher Lock Washer 7-A2 DIN 6799

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Karcher Lock Washer 

This lock washer is a genuine Karcher part to fit select models of their machines (see below for compatibility list).

A lock washer is a type of washer used in mechanical and industrial applications to prevent nuts and bolts from coming loose due to vibrations or other factors. Lock washers are typically designed to create tension or friction between the nut or bolt head and the surface it's fastened to, thus helping to prevent unintentional loosening.

In the context of a Karcher machine, a lock washer may be used to secure various components of the machine, such as bolts, nuts, or fasteners, to ensure that they remain in place during operation. This is important because the machine may experience vibrations, shaking, or other movements while in use, and loose components could potentially lead to operational issues or even safety hazards.

When it comes to maintaining the pristine cleanliness of your surroundings, your Karcher machine is an invaluable tool. However, even the most reliable machines can experience wear and tear over time. That's where our top-of-the-line replacement parts step in, designed specifically for Karcher machines to ensure seamless performance and unmatched durability. Here at Spares2you we sell hundreds of spare parts for both Karcher’s Home & Garden and Professional product ranges. All parts are genuine and supplied to us directly from Karcher, giving you the peace of mind that you are getting a high-quality replacement part that will seamlessly integrate into your existing Karcher machine, allowing you to quickly resume your cleaning tasks without any hassle.

Note: These are sold as a single washer.

  • Length: 14mm
  • Width: 14mm
  • Height/Depth: 1mm
  • Weight: 0.001Kg
Please type your machine’s model number in the ‘check compatibility’ box below in order to confirm this part will fit.