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Sebo Replacement Handle Assembly 5636

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Sebo Replacement Handle Assembly 5636

Change your Sebo handle easily without the need of electrician or electrical knowledge. Whilst a break in the flex can cause the vacuum to turn on and off, this is could damage the motor in the machine.
Normally the break is where the cable goes into the handle, but if the flex has been caught in the roller then you must turn off straight away and replace the lead.
This handle is a quick and easy fix to these issue if you are unable to repair the break.

All you need to do with this is simply turn the knob that holds your existing sebo handle in place and swap it over, no fuss and no need to be without a vacuum cleaner.

This Sebo replacement handle comes complete with a 10m power lead so no need for tools!


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Sebo X1.1
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