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Small ES | E14 Black Plain Lampholder With Push Wire Terminals 4812767

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This SES Plain Black Lampholder With Push Wire Terminals offers a quick way to assemble a lampholder as the terminals are push wire type. So the wires need to have either a ferrules or be soldered before insertion into the lampholder terminals. The cap is then clipped onto the main body. Once the terminals are made they are not intended to be removed. There is a 10mm thread in the cap to attach the lampholder to the lamp. The height is 56.5mm and the diameter is 26.5mm There are 2 types of cap to choose from so please select this from the options above which relates to the 10mm thread in the cap.
Metal 10mm Thread – This has a metal thread in the cap with a locking screw.

 Plastic 10mm Thread – This one is all plastic apart from the locking screw which can be removed if needed. This cap is ideal if you are adding a cord grip into the cap for example. If needed you can also add an isolator into the cap to isolate the metal thread from the wiring,