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Vivarium Lamp Wiring Kit [KIT30]

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Vivarium Lamp Wiring Kit [KIT30]

Product Description

The Vivarium Lamp Wiring kit is ideal if you need to add a heat light in a Vivarium or Reptile cage. The kit contains a ES (E27) Brass plated lampholder along with a back plate and cover to fix the lampholder. Fixing screws are not supplied as there are many surfaces that this kit can be fixed too. We also provide a 2.5m long 3 core flex with moulded plug and in line switch so all you need to do is wire it into the lampholder. A cord grip is also provided to hold the flex in place.

Ideal for any heat/basking lamp for any reptile.

The lampholder is rated at 180 degrees MAX

Please note that lamps are not included.

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